How to maintain the cooling fan?

May 21, 2020BAOERMA
Use and maintenance

1. Place horizontally
The air-conditioning fan should be placed horizontally, pay attention not to tilt when using it, and check whether the power supply of the socket is consistent with the parameters on the fan nameplate before use.

2. Often add water

New machines or air-conditioning fans after a long period of shutdown must be filled with clean water before use. The water level can be observed through the water mark to control the amount of water added. The power plug should be unplugged before water is added to prevent damage to electrical components and the water level to be filled Just rise to the "highest" position, do not overfill it; after filling the water, close the door. When using it for cooling, pay attention to observe the water level. When the water level drops to the "lowest" position, it should be Add water, otherwise the cooling effect will be lost.

3. Frozen ice crystals

The general air-conditioning fan is equipped with two ice crystals. Every night, put one of them in the refrigerator and freezer at home to refrigerate for a period of time. Take it out and put it in the water tank the next day. The effect is better.

4. Appropriate humidification

To use the cooling and humidifying air supply function, you must first fill the water tank with clean water. After starting for about 1-3 minutes, the temperature of the outlet air will be reduced from the ambient temperature to achieve the best effect. Add low temperature cold water or ice water when conditions permit, the cooling effect is better. If the right amount of spices is added to the water, it will blow out a burst of sweet and refreshing gentle breeze. In the hot summer, people will feel relaxed and happy. Lightly press Refrigeration and Humidification, the indicator light is on, and the humidification function is started. If you cancel the humidification function and then press this key, the indicator light is off, and the humidification function stops.

5. Swing air supply

The general air-conditioning fan has the function of oscillating the air supply left and right. When the air supply needs to be oscillated, you only need to press the "wind direction" selection key once to make the "swing air" indicator light, that is, the air supply is automatically left and right, the air supply angle is 120 degrees If you do not need to swing the air supply, press the wind direction selection key again to make the "directional wind" indicator light, then stop the directional air supply. At the same time, the position of the upper and lower air supply can also be adjusted. For example, the direction of the long air guide can be adjusted by hand, so that the air supply direction can be all downward or upward, and adjusted to the most ideal position according to your needs.

6. Maintenance

If the air conditioner fan is not used for a long time, the water in the water tank should be cleaned, and the air should be blown at room temperature for a period of time, so that the inside of the machine, especially the filter part, is completely dry, and then put on a plastic bag for reuse.

7. Cleaning

After the air-conditioning fan has been running for a long time, the filter screen is blocked by dust and dirt to affect the air volume and cooling effect. It is best to clean it every two weeks. The methods are as follows: (1) Unplug the power supply; (2) Loosen the screws and take Lower rear cover; (3) Pull out the connector, and remove the filter and the rear cover together; (4) Use detergent and water to adjust to the proper concentration; (5) Put the filter and the rear cover into the container and wash Change to clean water after 10-15 minutes, do not immerse the small motor in water, and do not rinse the small motor with water; (6) Reinstall the filter and rear cover back to the original place.
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